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    Newborn Photographer, Chandra Lee is an International Multi-Award Winning Portrait Photographer specializing in Maternity, Newborn, Baby and Child Photography in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. Her unique style allows Chandra Lee to create flawless portraits that are cherished by families for a lifetime. Newborn photography sessions are never rushed, giving each client the time and attention they deserve. Babies are given all the time they need for feeding and changing and Chandra Lee is a specialist in soothing and caring for your newborn. She has been a full time newborn photographer for seven years and photographed 700+ newborns. The studio is fully equipped with the hats, headbands, wraps, props, fabric backgrounds and flooring that you see in the galleries. The babies displayed here are 10 days old or younger. The best time to photograph your little one is between day 5 and day 8.

    Contact Chandra Lee

    If you’re looking for professional infant photographers, Chandra Lee can be reached by telephone at 905.449.2200 or by e-mail at Maternity and newborn photography sessions make a wonderful baby shower gift.+

It’s that time of year again when we start thinking about updating family photos for holiday cards and gifts for family and friends.

Our little ones just headed back to school last week and already some leaves are starting to fall to the ground.  The weather is becoming cooler and the days of summer are coming to an end.

Fall is a favourite time for outdoor family photos.  The leaves turning colour and falling to the ground make a beautiful backdrop for pictures.

Children love being outdoors and exploring and it’s fun to follow them around playing peek-a-boo or silly games during a photo shoot.

Last year’s holiday fundraiser raised a total of $4,446.39 for a local shelter in Bowmanville, Ontario that helps to support women and children in our local community.  It’s a nice time of year to think of others and ways to help those around us.

This year, Chandra Lee Photography will again donate 100% of the proceeds of sale from fall family photo sessions to the Bethesda House.

If you would like to book a fall family photo session, please contact us today at 905.449.2200 or

Family Sessions November 2015PINIMAGE

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Yesterday I was with my husband and daughter enjoying time together and my email beeped alerting me to a new message from a wonderful student. She sent her congratulations to me for being noted as one of the Top 10 Newborn Photographers in the World on the TopTeny 2015 On-line Magazine.

This came as a surprise to me and within minutes my social media sites were beeping and chiming in spreading the news of the photography announcement.

There are so many newborn photographers out there who deserve recognition for their amazing talent and I feel honored and privileged to be listed with some of the most wonderful newborn photographers in the world.

It goes without saying that we all work hard as a newborn photographer to be where we are in the industry. To be noted among my peers who I adore and admire thrills me to no end.

I am humbled beyond words to receive this recognition. I live in a small town just outside of Toronto where I run my small business. It has been my passion and my love for the past 8 years. I adore each and every baby I get to photograph and without the support of my local community and my followers I would never be where I am today.

How this recognition came about is unknown to me so whoever chose me to be on this list – thank you very much!

Thank you also to each and every one of you who sent me a message of congratulations. I have tried to reply back to all of you and I hope I haven’t missed anyone. Thank you so much.

As quoted by Oprah Winfrey, “the biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams”.

Newborn photography is allowing me to live the life of my dreams and I look forward to many more years of photographing beautiful newborn babies.

To find out more about the announcement, you can visit the following link:

Thank you once again for choosing me to be listed as one of the Top 10 Newborn Photographers in the World.

Top 10 Best Newborn Photographers in the World | TopTeny 2015PINIMAGE

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If you want to take your photography to the next level and are thinking of introducing studio lighting to your professional photography studio, you’re in luck. Studio lighting is more affordable than ever before making it within more photographer’s reach!


Why Use Studio Equipment?

Studio lighting is a great way to have a consistent light source for your photography sessions. Studio photography can be a bit overwhelming at first, so we have written this introduction to help you understand some basic fundamentals in studio lighting.

Basic Lighting Set-up

Studio photography can be accomplished with a simple set-up of one light to the left or right of your subject. As a basic guideline, you will need at least 200-watt flash heads for portrait shooting. For groups of two or more people, it is recommended to have a minimum of 400-watt flash. For very large groups of individuals it is best to use 800-watt flash or more.

Various Light Sources – Continuous Lighting or Flash

If you want a “what you see is what you get” approach to studio photography, a continuous light source is a good option. Continuous light sources are used commonly in videography. This type of lighting tends to make pupils look smaller yielding an unnatural result in portraits.

Studio flash is advantageous to continuous light as it results in a more natural lighting effect and freezes the motion, as flash is less sensitive to movement.

Adding More Light

Additional lighting can be used to light up your background in addition to your subjects.

Using four lights will allow you to evenly light up your background as well as illuminate your subject with a main light and fill light.

Sometimes you will need a third light in portrait photography to act as a hair light for your subject. This can be used to add a special effect to your portraits. At other times it is necessary when your subject has dark hair and you are using a dark or black background. A hair light assists in providing separation from your subject’s hair and the background.

Light Meter

Light meters are available to use to assist you in selecting the appropriate aperture setting to illuminate your subject appropriately.

Your aperture setting will affect the lighting of your subject. Your shutter speed will affect the lighting of your background. Using a slower shutter speed will result in a lighter background. Using a faster shutter speed will result in a darker background. Adjusting your shutter speed can be used to make a white background appear black. Using studio strobe and adjusting your shutter speed can provide you with a vast array of background choices for your photography.

What is a Modeling Lamp?

Turn on your studio flash-modeling lamp to see where your shadows will be in your portrait. This is helpful in composing your image to know in advance the placement of shadows and reflections.

It is not necessary to have the modeling lamp turned on. The modeling lamp is separate from the flash tube that produces the light from the flash.


Using a reflector can replace the need for a second or third studio strobe. For example a reflector can be used in lieu of a fill light. By placing a reflector adjacent to the direction of your main light, light will bounce off of the reflector and onto your subject filling in shadows.

Reflectors are a widely used tool among photographers in studio set-ups and are an inexpensive alternative to purchasing an additional flash unit.

Not only can reflectors be used to minimize or lighten shadows, they can be used to reflect a hint of colour onto your subject.

For example, a white reflector will yield a neutral soft reflection of light. A silver reflector will produce a stronger contrast and more reflection of light on your subject. A gold reflector will produce a warmer feel and simulate a sunset light onto your subject.

A black reflector is used when you want to prevent light from reflecting onto your subject.

There are a variety of colours and sizes to choose from when selecting a reflector.

If you are working with natural light, reflectors can be used in a similar manner to reflect more light onto your subject or diffuse harsh light.

A good option is a pop-up 5-in-1 reflector, which is easy to carry and light weight. This option usually comes with a gold, silver, white, black reflector and diffuser.

5 in 1 reflector for studio photographyPINIMAGE

Diffusing the Light

There are all sorts of light modifiers you can purchase to diffuse the light. From beauty dishes to traditional soft boxes, you can experiment to find the lighting that suits your preferences and needs.

The purpose of a soft box or diffusor is to evenly disburse the light onto your subject. Diffusors also work to reduce reflections onto glasses and faces, which can have the effect of making your subject look sweaty.

Most soft boxes are lined with a silver inner side. The light bounces off the inside of the soft box before it is emitted through the diffuser.

A simple umbrella can be used to diffuse the light and can be quickly set-up making a good portable studio option.

Most soft boxes have optional accessories that can be purchased. Disks that adhere to the inside of your soft box can provide further diffusion before the light is bounced around the inside of the soft box and discharged through the diffusor.

To lower the intensity of your flash wattage, neutral density filters can be placed in front of the flash tube.


What ISO Setting Should You Use

Different camera brands require different ISO settings to work with studio photography. A Canon brand camera requires an ISO setting of 100 and Nikon brand camera requires an ISO setting of 200 for studio lighting. Check with your camera’s manufacturer to find out the appropriate ISO setting.

What is Flash Sync?

As a starting point, use a shutter speed of 1 / 125. You need to ensure that you are using a shutter speed that does not exceed the sync speed for your camera.

Depending on the type of camera you are using, a shutter speed of more than 1 /200 or 1 / 250 will result in part of your image being obscured by the falling shutter curtain.

Connecting to a Studio Flash Strobe

A sync-cable connects your camera to your studio flash. Most cameras have a “X-contact” connector that allows you to connect your camera to your flash head. If your camera does not have a “X-contact”, you can use your camera’s hot shoe to equip your camera with an X-contact.

Another option is to use a wireless trigger connected to your camera’s hot shoe. This is a great option for those who want a wireless studio option. Wireless triggers are the most commonly used method for triggering studio flash units.

Unlike other flash options, connecting with a sync-cable or wireless trigger option will not result in a barrier of an infrared slave signal. This can occur when using flash in slave mode. When studio flashes have built-in slave sensors and the remote button is selected to trigger a flash, the master flash unit needs to see the other flash sensor in order to be triggered.

Combining Various Lighting Modules

This image displays a variety of lighting techniques described above. Your main light is always near your subject and provides the most light for your subject. From here, you can add a reflector and/or a fill light at a lower setting from your main light. Background lights can be added to light up your background, add special effects to your background or eliminate shadows in your background.

Studio Lighting SetupPINIMAGE

Advanced Lighting Options

low key lighting picturePINIMAGE

It is possible to use techniques with studio lighting that will produce dramatic and unique results. The possibilities are endless allowing your creative imagination to run free.

A common lighting technique used for photography is “low key lighting”. In this scenario, only one light or a few lights are used resulting in a dramatic portrait with lots of shadows. This technique is key when you are looking for a moody and mysterious photo.

The example here shows low-key lighting. Just a small portion of the subject’s face and stomach is illuminated adding a dramatic and emotive feeling to the portrait.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Any camera that allows you to manually enter the aperture setting, shutter speed, and ISO is appropriate for studio lighting.

Most of the lighting effects described above can be achieved with a standard flash kit. Most studio strobe kits come with two strobe heads and two stands and two basic soft boxes.

There are many options you can accomplish with an introductory lighting kit. This is a good starting point when you are just learning about studio photography. From there, you can begin to add new pieces to your inventory of equipment.

To learn more about studio photography, Chandra Lee Photography offers classes and workshops for in person learning. To learn more about studio photography, contact Chandra Lee at or 905.449.2200.

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Babies can be unpredictable. Your life changes when you have a baby, especially when you’re expecting your first child. Preparing for your newborn’s portrait session doesn’t need to be complex but there are some helpful tips to make sure your photos from that special time are ones that you will cherish for years to come.

1. Feeding Your Baby

A well-fed baby is a happy one for a newborn portrait session. Whether you are nursing or bottle-feeding, feed your baby for as long as you can before leaving for your portrait session. When your baby begins to become sleepy, burp him or her and then try feeding for a bit longer. Use a cold washcloth to wake your baby up and this may get your baby to feed for a bit longer. The longer your baby feeds for, the better they will fall into a deep sleep and pose for pictures.

We take breaks for feeding and nursing whenever needed throughout your newborn portrait session.

2. Dressing Your Baby

Dress your baby so it is easy for your newborn photographer to undress your baby. This will help ensure that your baby can begin his or newborn shoot without waking up. The best piece of clothing is a simple sleeper that zips up. Please do not dress your baby with an under shirt or onesie under your baby’s sleeper. If your photographer is skilled in newborn photography, he or she should be able to undress your baby and start your photo session without waking baby if baby is well fed and dressed as suggested.

3. Arrive on Time

Arriving on time will help ensure you have the best baby photography session possible. Newborn sessions at Chandra Lee Photography last between 3 and 5 hours. We never rush or offer “mini” newborn sessions here because we would never want to rush photographing your baby. We take our time here at Chandra Lee Photography and are sensitive to your baby’s needs. There is no such thing as a fast or quick newborn session that will yield positive results and high quality images with variety.

4. Talk to Your Newborn Photographer Ahead of Time

Make personal contact with your newborn photographer. Decide if you like and connect with his or her personality. Find out about your newborn photographer’s skills and experience. Do they have professional accreditations? Are they involved in the photography community? Has your infant photographer received awards, merits or recognition for their work?

5. Plan Ahead

Do your research and plan ahead for your baby’s first portrait session. Newborn photographers often book up two to three months or more in advance of your due date. For this reason, it is best to choose a newborn photographer ahead of time to avoid being disappointed. Babies’ arrival times are unpredictable so only a limited number of newborn sessions can be scheduled in advance. Each newborn photographer will have their own personal style so it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with various work and select a style which you enjoy the most and fits within your budget you have set aside for newborn photography.

6. Stylizing Your Baby’s Photo Shoot

Here at Chandra Lee Photography, there’s really no need to pick your baby’s outfit or worry about bringing items to your portrait session. We have thousands of items here for you to use for your enjoyment. Props aplenty can be found here at the studio. Rustic earth toned baskets, crates, trencher bowls, pretzel bowls, a cute red wagon, antique prams, galvanized basins and much more can be found here. If you are looking for something on the cuter side, we also have flowerpots and baby blue pails and an antique wooden truck that has become a favorite among clients.

Accessorizing your baby with complimenting hats, headbands, rompers, newborn skits can also be a part of your session. We have everything here from striking bonnets made from merino wool to charming tiaras. Stylizing is available for both boys and girls.

7. Think About What Colors You Would Like

Chandra Lee has a vast array of colours to choose from for your newborn’s portrait session. Think about whether you would like neutral colors or bright vibrant colors for your pictures. There is probably something here to compliment or match your baby’s nursery if that’s what you desire. If you have a blanket or item from your baby’s room that you would like to co-ordinate pictures with, bring it with you. Chandra Lee loves to work with beautiful colours or neutral organic set-ups. These are your pictures and the choice is up to you for your baby’s portrait shoot.

8. Decide if You Want to Include Pictures of Mom and Dad

Newborn photography is not just “newborn” photography anymore. More and more clients are expressing their desire to include images of mom and dad in their baby’s picture session. Newborn photography really only became popular about 7 to 8 years ago. Photographer’s focused mainly on newborns at first; however, as the years went on newborn photography expanded to include images of the entire family. Parents and older children are a large part of the family. We want your entire family to feel included in your baby’s portrait session if that’s what you desire.

9. Including Siblings in Your Portrait Session?

Siblings are welcome and encouraged to participate in your newborn portrait session. Older children can sometimes require an adjustment period to become acquainted with the arrival of their new brother or sister. Jealously sometimes arises as they become aware that mom and dad’s attention is being shared with the new baby.

Spend time at home with older siblings and prepare them for the upcoming photo shoot. Allow your child to have time with the new baby to practice holding the new baby and giving the baby kisses. Always have a spotter nearby to ensure baby is well supported at all times. Sibling images can almost always be captured when children are 18 months and older. The younger the child, the less patience they will have for taking photos with their new brother or sister. If sibling images are important to you, then you need to research and choose a newborn photographer with experience working with older children and a proven track record for capturing newborn and sibling images.

At our portrait studio, Chandra Lee is always your newborn photographer and has been working with families and children for nearly 8 years full-time. Family and sibling images have become a facet of newborn sessions. Always more than one image is attempted with sibling and newborn images. If your older child is around 18 months, the best plan is to have a simple setup with your newborn baby posed on a prop low to the ground on their belly with mom or dad right beside your newborn. Children around 18 months will usually quite happily walk up to their new sibling to provide a kiss atop their head. Most children of this age will sit next to the baby and have their picture taken. A third pose can be attempted if your child still has patience and one of Chandra Lee’s favorite sibling images is of your child sitting behind your newborn with his or her arms wrapped around your new baby with their head gently resting next to your baby.

10. Do You Want Professional Products or Digital Downloads?

It is a digital era. Newborn photographers are now offering plenty of options for your portrait sessions. It is now becoming more popular to find photographers offering digital files; images on USB or digital download options. There is always a positive and a negative to the digital file debate. Professional products from your newborn photographer are always the best option but not always an option that is suitable or affordable for every client. A digital file is a great way to have beautiful images of your baby without the cost associated with professional products. The downside is that the quality of printing digital images on your own can be very poor if not dreadful. Printing through your photographer will yield the best results. If obtaining digital files is important to you then it is recommended to work with a photographer who can provide assistance in printing a better quality image on your own. It is apparent that we are in fact living in a digital age and more and more clients are wanting to have beautiful imagery simply to share with friends, family and co-workers on their Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, email distribution list or in a digital frame or mobile app.

To find out more about booking a newborn portrait session with Chandra Lee Photography, please contact Chandra Lee at 905.449.2200 or email her directly at or by using the contact tab located above on your desktop or in the menu of your mobile device.

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Baby Rose came to visit me at the studio last week for newborn pictures. She has a wonderful family and I enjoyed the day capturing special memories for this wonderful mom and dad and their beautiful new baby girl.

Congrats on your new arrival and thank you for choosing me to be your newborn photographer.

Newborn Photographer in TorontoPINIMAGE

The colours for baby Rose’s portrait session were chosen by her mother. I love the neutral colours that her mom selected. The first blanket we used was new to the studio and had a soft peachy pink tone with a nice texture that photographed well. The second blanket mom also picked out and had a nice girly feel with white lace and a light pink complimenting blanket. Accents were added with hats and bonnets also chosen by Rose’s mother. We always have a nice selection of accessories to use for your baby’s portrait shoot. Props were used for Rose’s portrait session including a unique wooden prop and a trencher bowl. Stylizing items were added to the props to add texture including a felted blanket, soft pink merino wool blanket and pink fabric. We also used a cute newborn skirt with matching headband for one of Rose’s newborn set-ups.

I was fortunate to meet Rose’s mom and dad for an earlier portrait session when they came to the studio for maternity portraits. They were wonderful to work with and caring individuals whose love and adoration for each other shone through in their images. The same feeling came through in their family newborn pictures. Mom was gorgeous to photograph holding her new baby girl and I hope they both will love and cherish the images captured of mom, dad and their new baby together.

Baby Rose was simply easy to pose and photograph. She was extra sleepy and loved being posed and slept throughout her entire session.

For each and every newborn session, I try to capture as much variety for every client. I’m not a photographer who is strict on time, but rather a photographer who pays attention to baby’s needs and capturing a variety of poses to cherish this special time in a new parent’s life.

We were able to capture two images of baby Rose on her father’s arms. They are both popular poses. The first was an image of Rose with her arms folded under her chin resting on top her dad’s hands. This picture shows just how little baby Rose was. The second was an image of Rose hanging on her dad’s arm. We always use a second hand on baby to ensure baby’s safety and support. This pose is always a favorite among clients and has won an international award, been published in the book entitled Portraits and People in 2011 and was selected by the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards in 2014 for a best photos competition. It is a striking pose that makes a beautiful canvas in black and white. Throughout my studio, you will always see this pose on a canvas hanging on the wall.

We ended our session with detail images of baby Rose’s feet, mom and dad’s wedding rings on Rose’s little toes, dad’s hands around Rose’s feet and finally, Rose’s hand holding onto dad’s wedding ring finger.

These image take time to capture and I’m always glad when a client choses me to be their baby’s first photographer. I hope these images will make a wonderful memory and keepsake for Rose and her family for many years.

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  • admin - You were such a wonderful family to work with and I enjoyed meeting all of you and photographing baby Rose. Thank you so much again for choosing me to be your newborn photographer. Enjoy your little bundle and take care, Chandra.

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    Cali you are lucky you have found such a wonderful photographer who is has taken some amazing shots!! Can’t wait for more to come!


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