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    Newborn Photographer, Chandra Lee


    Newborn Photographer, Chandra Lee is an International Multi-Award Winning Portrait Photographer specializing in Maternity, Newborn, Baby and Child Photography in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. Her unique style allows Chandra Lee to create flawless portraits that are cherished by families for a lifetime. Newborn photography sessions are never rushed, giving each client the time and attention they deserve. Babies are given all the time they need for feeding and changing and Chandra Lee is a specialist in soothing and caring for your newborn. She has been a full time newborn photographer for seven years and photographed 700+ newborns. The studio is fully equipped with the hats, headbands, wraps, props, fabric backgrounds and flooring that you see in the galleries. The babies displayed here are 10 days old or younger. The best time to photograph your little one is between day 5 and day 8.

    Contact Chandra Lee

    If you’re looking for professional infant photographers, Chandra Lee can be reached by telephone at 905.449.2200 or by e-mail at info@chandraleephotography.com. Maternity and newborn photography sessions make a wonderful baby shower gift.+

Sometimes I think people have the wrong impression of what it’s like to work in baby photography. It’s nothing but adorable babies, sweet outfits and working with families that are over the moon about their latest 


Working as a Toronto newborn photographer for the last six years, I’ve seen my fair share of adorable babies and had the opportunity to work with many wonderful families, that’s for sure. But, the truth is, running my business and working in this industry has required me to invest more time and energy than I’ve given to any other job or project in my life. The business behind baby photography is a lot less glamorous than the pictures I take, but the behind the scenes work I do every day and every week is just as important to the survival of my business as are the beautiful images in my portfolio.

Last week, I talked a bit about what I think differentiates a professional photographer from someone who takes pictures in their spar

e time and who may own an expensive camera. Everywhere you look, it seems, there’s another Toronto newborn photographer advertising their services. It’s because of this that I hope to shed a little light on the business side of newborn photography, so that we might foster a better understanding of what a professional photographer has to do to continue taking pictures of all those beautiful little babies.

A Toronto Newborn Photographer Who Only Works ‘in’ their Business, Won’t be in Business for Long

Like I said, there really isn’t a day that goes by when I’m not working on something that will ensure I continue to have new baby photography clients. I think any professional artist would concur that survival depends on you being highly dedicated to the never-ending job that is the business behind your craft.

For artists, like myself, hustling-up new business by marketing on and off the web and networking with other photographers and people from various groups and community organization

s may not be a strong-suit, but it’s something that’s got to be done well and regularly.

In addition to all the interacting via social media, working on new promotions, improving my website, and building new ties in the community to market myself as a baby photography brand, I spend many hours editing photos, packaging portraits for baby photography clients, running to the post office to mail these portrait packages, learning new software and shopping for the equipment, props and supplies that my business requires.

Of course, there’s also the even less glamorous tasks, like managing the financial side of things through bookkeeping and receipt organizing, as well as cleaning my studio.

Continuous Learning is Required to Produce Quality Baby Photography

Just like healthcare practitioners and teachers who take courses to improve the knowledge and skills that their jobs require, any Toronto newborn photographer who’s committed to staying in business takes every opportunity to add value for their clients through further training. In fact, I also diversify my business by providing workshops and training to other 

photographers who are looking to further develop their skills.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love being a Toronto newborn photographer. If I didn’t, I would have thrown in the towel a long time ago for a job that didn’t require me to invest so much of myself. But this is my passion. I love baby photography and the fact that I’m able to provide families with portraits that artistically capture all the precious little details of their new sons and/or daughters.

I may not enjoy doing all the marketing and bookkeeping as much as I do peering through the lens of my camera, photographing babies and their families, but I know that this is part and parcel of being a professional photographer, and to continue doing what I love, I’m willing to do the leg work.

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This is beautiful baby Sklyar who was just 9 days new when I photographed her.
She was a few days overdue but still little when she arrived and super sleepy for her first photo session.

Newborn Photography and The Best Time for Your Session

The best time for newborn portraits is when babies are 10 days of age or younger with the optimal time between day 5 and day 8.
After 10 days, babies are less likely to pose for newborn portraits as they are too alert and awake and have also started to stretch out losing their womb like curliness.
Since working as a professional newborn photographer full-time for 7 years and photographing over 700 newborn babies, I have come to know when the best time for posing newborns is.
Whether your baby arrives early or is overdue, there are some standard rules I usually apply to determine when the best time for your session is.  That being said, it always depends on how mom’s feeling too.  I provide some suggestions, for instance, if baby is born 5 days overdue, I add 5 days to the number of days old baby is.    In Baby’s Skylar’s case, she was 9 days old when I photographed her but a few days overdue.  This usually means baby will be a bit more alert and awake for their session.

Your  Toronto Newborn Photographer Keeps Baby’s Comfort First

The studio is kept nice and warm and babies are given nursing and feeding breaks throughout the session whenever needed.
Moms have access to vinyl nursing pillows to assist with feedings throughout their newborn picture session.  Blankets are available to lift babies head for nursing and if mom feels comfortable, I can help her get ready for feedings and use a cold wash cloth to help baby stay awake and feed a bit longer.

Ensuring that baby is well fed before your newborn photography sessions provides the best results for posing.  A baby that is well fed is more likely to fall into a deep sleep and pose for pictures beautifully.
Sessions last approximately 3 to 5 hours or longer depending on baby’s needs.  You will never see me looking at the clock during a session.  I go through transitional posing starting with the easiest poses first and working my way through the more difficult set-ups.  Baby needs time to get used to me and after an hour or so, they become conditioned to being repositioned for the various poses.
Sessions are never rushed.

Skylar was a tiny little peanut at just 5 pounds 8 ounces when I photographed her.
She didn’t fuzz at all throughout her session.  She even gave me multiple smiles that I was able to capture on camera.  I’m pretty fast with my shutter, so if your baby smiles throughout your session I’ll most likely be fast enough to catch one of their very first grins.

Her dad watched most of the session while her mom rested in the lounge area and had a nap during the session.
Two of my favourite things in this world are (1) holding my own daughter and spending time with her and (2) being behind my camera spending time with wonderful families capturing memories for them.
To learn more about sessions with Chandra Lee Photography, you can contact me at 905.449.2200 or email me using the inquire tab above.
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“The cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow,
But children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs; Dust go to sleep!
I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.”*

As every soon-to-be parent will realize, this old saying has merit. Especially after a baby is born, few things could be more important than just enjoying time spent with your baby. In fact, it’s hard to imagine doing much else than gazing into your newborn’s eyes during those first days. Newborns grow and change so quickly and choosing to preserve the way they looked when they were just days old, with the rolls of fat down their backs, their soft swirls of hair and tiny fingers and toes is something you will never regret. Years later, when they’ve given up sleeping on your chest or crawling into bed with you in the morning, those beautiful portraits will bring the happy memories of those special days, flooding back.

If you take only one outing during those first days after your baby is born, consider booking a session for professional baby photography. Newborn

photography has grown in popularity as more and more parents realize how important it is to photograph their babies while they still look like they did when they were first born, because as they soon find out, their babies’ features can change dramatically in just a few short weeks.

Newborn Photography within the First 10 Days

Parents are always surprised to learn that the best time for infant photography is within the first 10 days after a baby is born, preferably between days 5 and 8. Why so soon? The first 10 days are when newborn photography best captures how your baby looks as just that–newly born. Before long, their squishy faces will lengthen and the baby fuzz will be gone. Within just two weeks, in fact, breast milk and/or formula will have filled in those adorable rolls of fat on your baby’s back.

I considered many different factors before deciding that days 5 to 8 were the best for most newborn photography sessions. Specializing in professional baby photography for several years now, I’ve learned that while there are exceptions to the rule and the time at which each newborn’s session is scheduled must be determined on an individual basis, factors like a newborn’s tendency to sleep and their curly posture not only make for smoother newborn photography sessions but also allow me to capture images that perfectly portray a newborn’s uniqueness–qualities that will have already started to change by the time they’re 10 days old.

Professional Baby Photography Creates Keepsakes You will Cherish for a Lifetime

It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, but some pictures do a better job of depicting a moment in time than others. Nothing could be truer than with infant photography, and while every parent should take lots of pictures of their babies as they grow, photographs taken by amateurs pale in comparison when you consider the level of detail that can be captured with professional baby photography. I know it’s easy for me to say this, being a professional photographer, but specialized equipment, proper training and experience, an eye for composition, proper lighting techniques and exposure, and even props all work together to produce a quality of newborn photography that’s just not possible with an untrained eye and the family camera. Most importantly, when you hire a properly trained professional who specializes in infant photography, you also ensure your little one will be safe and comfortable while their photos are taken.

As a photographer and mother, I’m proud to help other parents document something as special and exciting as the first days of their children’s lives. Every newborn photography session is unique, just like every baby, and I’m always excited to work with parents to create images that are beautiful representations of their babies and timeless mementos for their families.

If you would like to learn more about the newborn photography experience at my studio, please call me at 905-449-2200.

*Poem by Ruth Hulbert Hamilton

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Specializing in newborn photography, I know that sessions with young babies require extra time and patience. You can imagine that a baby as young as 5 days old would need breaks for feeding, changing and soothing, and that attempting to rush through a session just to get it done would only produce poor quality portraits, an upset baby and frazzled parents. As a baby photographer who has photographed more than 600 babies, I know that newborn photography sessions require a time commitment, not only from me, but also the parents of the little ones I photograph.

To ensure each newborn photography session at my studio is a positive experience for everyone involved, I’ve taken steps so that not only the babies are comfortable and properly cared for at all times, but so that the parents are relaxed and content throughout the duration of their children’s sessions, as well.

Newborn Photography, Minus the Upset Newborn

Besides capturing gorgeous photos of your baby, my aim as your baby photographer is to ensure your little one is comfortable while their photos are taken. A baby that’s

upset not only makes everyone else in the room upset, but it also makes it more difficult to take portraits of your baby dozing contently while curled up in adorable poses. To ensure each newborn photography session goes as smoothly as possible, I make a variety of items available to my clients, all of which are geared toward keeping baby happy:

  • My studio is always ‘hot yoga’ warm
  • Clients have access to a fridge (for keeping formula or breast milk), nursing pillows with vinyl covers, diapers, wipes and lotion for baby’s dry skin
  • I’m able to sterilize bottles, if needed
  • There are two hand washing stations and hand sanitizer to ensure newborns’ young immune systems are properly protected
  • Kleenex and paper towels are also readily available

Of course, despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes a baby can’t help but cry now and again. Luckily, as a mother and a baby photographer with hundreds of newborn sessions under her belt, I’ve also learned a thing or two about soothing babies!

A Baby Photographer Who Knows How to Keep Parents Content Too

Just like the babies I photograph, I know that making sure parents are relaxed, sufficiently fed and able to work, sleep or even watch TV during their babies’ sessions is a good way to make newborn photography a positive experience. From start to finish, newborn photography takes more than 5 hours, and so I provide the following for the parents who visit my studio:

  •  Client bathroom
  • Refreshments
  • Lounge area (great for napping!) and TV equipped with Netflix, Rogers cable and a Wi-Fi internet connection
  • Microwave for heating lunch
  • Access to a fax machine, if needed

 My studio is also in close proximity to many restaurants, making it quick and easy to pick-up lunch if you would rather order in.

When you choose me as your baby photographer, my experience won’t just benefit you when it comes to the high quality portraits you receive, but it will also make for a memorable experience, overall. Every baby and every session is unique. Knowing this, I’m ready to adapt to and satisfy the needs of my clients and their children.

For more information on what to expect during your session, or to book your newborn photography, please call me at (905) 449 2200.

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Eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first baby, this beautiful couple could not hide their love for one another during their recent maternity photography session at my studio. In all my years as a maternity photographer, I don’t think I’ve ever met a couple whose love for one another was as evident as it was with this lovely couple.

I so enjoyed getting to know these two during the maternity photography shoot. Dad-to-be, as I discovered, has a great appreciation for photography, and so it was great fun talking about and sharing some photography-related tips during the two hours we spent together at the studio. I’m sure he will have no shortage of excellent photo opportunities once their little bundle of joy arrives!

Cultural Traditions Surrounding the Birth of a Baby

Whenever I meet new couples during maternity photography sessions like this one, I’m reminded of just how many different cultural traditions there are surrounding the birth of a baby. Every culture has its own set of rituals or practices that are followed and respected, as a way to not only celebrate the new life but also allow the mother and new baby to rest and build upon the bond that was created while baby was still in the womb.

In some cultures, mother and baby don’t leave the family home for 30 days after the birth. For those who wish to capture all their little one’s special little details in professional newborn photography, this can present a challenge. For traditions like these, I offer newborn photography sessions during which I take photos of the new baby and his or her parents in their home.

Newborn Photography, At Home

Of course, I prefer to hold newborn photography sessions in my studio, where we can work in a controlled environment and I have easy access to all of the equipment and props I may need during the session. But, in situations where a family would have to miss out on newborn photography in order to respect their culture’s traditions, I’m happy to take the session to them, in their home.

While these types of at-home newborn photography sessions still allow you to capture your baby’s sweet and perfect little features, they differ from those I perform at my studio in that the photos are candid and the focus is on the baby with their parents, set in their home environment with natural lighting, rather than the baby alone in carefully posed images. Even still, it’s a great way to achieve a beautiful collection of newborn photography while respecting cultural traditions.

To the lovely couple pictured above, thank you for choosing me as your maternity photographer and I wish you and your little family nothing but the best.

If you’re interested in maternity photography or newborn photography, please call me at 905.449.2200 or email info@chandraleephotography.com.

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