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    Newborn Photographer, Chandra Lee is an International Multi-Award Winning Portrait Photographer specializing in Maternity, Newborn, Baby and Child Photography in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. Her unique style allows Chandra Lee to create flawless portraits that are cherished by families for a lifetime. Newborn photography sessions are never rushed, giving each client the time and attention they deserve. Babies are given all the time they need for feeding and changing and Chandra Lee is a specialist in soothing and caring for your newborn. She has been a full time newborn photographer for seven years and photographed 700+ newborns. The studio is fully equipped with the hats, headbands, wraps, props, fabric backgrounds and flooring that you see in the galleries. The babies displayed here are 10 days old or younger. The best time to photograph your little one is between day 5 and day 8.

    Contact Chandra Lee

    If you’re looking for professional infant photographers, Chandra Lee can be reached by telephone at 905.449.2200 or by e-mail at Maternity and newborn photography sessions make a wonderful baby shower gift.+

Fall Family Photos Chandra Lee PhotographyPINIMAGE

It’s the perfect time of year to update images of your loved ones with fall family photo session days at Chandra Lee Photography.

Fall is upon us and the leaves will soon be changing colour making a beautiful backdrop for portraits.

This time of year is my favourite for meeting families outdoors for picture sessions. We have fun playing peek-a-boo with the children, playing tag and throwing the colourful leaves up in the air.

Children love being outdoors. They are free to run around and be themselves acting naturally. I capture the best expressions of your children when chasing them around in the grass and just have fun.

Grandparents can be a great addition to a fall family photo session day. They are great assistants in getting the children to laugh and smile.

Bubbles come in handy too as children tend to tire quickly so I am quick to change things up to make the session exciting for your child.

Being a mom myself, I know how hard it can be to capture great images of your child and family.

During my family photo sessions, most parents are amazed at how well the children listen to me. That’s because I’m new to your little ones and they tend to listen to me better than they do to their own parents.

The foliage throughout the fall season is a beautiful time of year to update your family pictures.

There are a number of locations I love for outdoor sessions including parks with rows of trees, lane ways covered with colourful leaves, kissing bridges, walkways over marshes, cobblestone foyers, rock knee walks, beautiful landscapes and lovely architecture.

Even throughout the downtown city, there are secret hideaway locations I’ve found throughout my career as a photographer. This spring and summer I travelled all over the downtown core, finding interesting locations for photo sessions. I was amazed by the wonderful opportunities that abound throughout the city. You just turn a corner and you discover a giant door that makes for a picture out of Alice in Wonderland or a pretty park location hidden away in the middle of a busy Toronto area.

Depending on your preference, we can find a date and location that works best for your family.

Dates Available for Fall Family Photo Sessions

There are 4 dates available this year:

Sunday, October 12th in Downtown Toronto
Sunday, October 19th in Durham Region
Saturday, October 25th in Durham Region
Sunday, October 26th in Durham Region

The exact locations will be announced closer to the dates and will be dependant on weather conditions.

These will be the only dates available this year for family pictures. Spots are limited so be sure to reserve your date and time soon.

Affordable packages range in price from $199 for up to two children including 10 digital images or $299 for up to two adults and two children, 20-25 digital images and a set of 5×7 custom designed holiday cards.

We would love to update your family photos with a fall photo session day. If you would like to book a session or receive more information, please call us today at 905.449.2200.

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Silhouette Maternity Portrait at SunrisePINIMAGE

As a Toronto Maternity Photographer, it can be quite a challenge to find new and interesting ideas for captivating maternity photography.

Martina joined me just before sunrise at my favorite downtown location to capture a morning pregnancy portrait on the rocks overlooking the water. It was a beautiful morning with a warm breeze and a perfect opportunity to take portraits for an expectant mother.

The clouds on the morning of our session were stunning and my favorite image is the silhouette picture we captured of Martina. It’s absolutely stunning don’t you think?

Maternity Photography and Working with Various Light Sources

The sun quickly came about and the light was harsh when not diffused by the clouds in the sky. We had fun photographing backlit portraits and waiting for the sun to hide behind the clouds giving us a few moments or minutes of pretty soft diffused light.

Using the sun can work in your favor as a Toronto Maternity Photographer adding creativity to your pictures by adding a highlight to hair providing your images with an artistic edge.

Shooting directly into the sun can yield the most captivating maternity photography images.

During our time together, I quickly connected with Martina. She has a pleasant demeanor and is very friendly. She is a photographer herself and I know she will do very well on her journey in photography.

Toronto Maternity PhotographerPINIMAGE

We crossed the street to another locale I love; however, the sun was blinding providing us with little opportunity to capture the images I envisioned. There were some areas of long grass next to a marsh and we took some images there.

Toronto Maternity Photographer Sessions Offering Two Locations

My sessions over the spring and summer have offered clients with two nearby locations enhancing their experience by providing additional variety in backdrops and scenery.

In the evening, Martina and I met again at another location just before sunset. Yes, I love shooting photography sessions just after sunrise or just prior to sunset. That’s not to say that I won’t photograph at other times of the day, it’s just my preference.

The new tutu dress has been a favorite among many clients this season. This mom-to-be wore it well and we took some imagery at a historical downtown location with a beautiful landscape. The cobblestone laneway makes for fantastic pictures along with the wrought iron fence.

Maternity PhotographyPINIMAGE

As the sun was just about to set, we seized creative imagery using the porch lights that had just turned on – I was in photographer’s heaven so happy with how the imagery turned out in black & white.

Thank you for spending the day with me Martina. I enjoyed our time together and I wish you the utmost happiness in your journey into motherhood.

The fall is upon us and I look forward to more captivating maternity photography with the colors of the season soon upon us. To book your session or to learn more about my services as a Toronto maternity photographer, call us today at 905.449.2200. Only a few spots remain for the fall season.

Captivating Maternity PhotographyPINIMAGE

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Toronto Newborn PhotographerPINIMAGE

Perhaps we will never know what a new baby dreams of, but sometimes, just sometimes, we can hazard a guess.

I often wonder what babies are thinking while they’re being posed and photographed during a Toronto newborn photography session. The cutest facial expressions come about and I’m always quick enough to cease these treasured first moments on camera for excited new parents.

Toronto Newborn Photography Captures Cherished Memories

Oliver gave me the cutest picture perfect little smile as he slept in a deep slumber. I’m sure this image will warm the hearts of mom and dad, hopefully for many years to come. These moments will dart by as quickly as an arrow throughout a session and you need a professional newborn photographer to capture these cherished expressions.

Toronto Newborn Photographer 2PINIMAGE

Once in a deep slumber, the little ones I photograph are quite content to be posed for newborn portraits. I’ve learned a thing or two over the years about keeping the little ones content and happy throughout your entire picture session.

As you can see from baby Oliver’s pictures featured here, he was peacefully content and a pleasure to work with over the course of his photo shoot.

Aside from the one endearing grin Oliver gave me, I’m pretty sure he didn’t have a care in the world. Worry not, did he as I moved him from pose to pose.

Toronto Newborn Photographer 3PINIMAGE

This Toronto Newborn Photographer Believes Stylizing is Key

Stylizing is key so that a newborn gallery will feature images to compliment your home or baby’s nursery. If I know beforehand, I can tailor your session to match special décor in your families’ home or the colors you have specially selected for your little one’s first room.

Oliver’s session combined a variety of earthy tones, which I’m blissfully in love with! Mom and I selected the items for his portraits and chose a taupe fabric backdrop for pillow poses and a set of wooden branches, a soft merino wool wrap, a new set of little boy suspenders and a denim newsboy hat with matching pants. What could be better for a newborn boy?

Toronto Newborn Photographer 4PINIMAGE

Every session includes a plethora of images featuring a range of poses, on posing fabrics, specialty and antique props, relationship images with both parents, your little one resting on dad’s arms, up close images of your new baby’s special features such as the fuzz on their cheeks, eyelashes, tiny toes and the soft swirl of hair atop their head. As you can see from this set of pictures featured here, little Oliver was perfectly posed and unbearably sweet.

Your newborn’s ideal time for a first picture session is between day 5 and day 8 of arriving to this world. Such a small window I know, but necessary to capture the completely beautiful and serene sleepy newborn poses.

With a knack for making babies feel complete tranquility in my hands, each session is sure to bring many picture perfect moments ready to be captured by my camera with a marvelously quick shutter.

Toronto Newborn Photographer 5PINIMAGE

Here at Chandra Lee Photography, we truly believe every new arrival deserves a Toronto newborn photography session with picture perfect portraits. We invite you to learn more about our newborn photography services or to book your photo session, call us today at 905.449.2200!

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Sometimes I think people have the wrong impression of what it’s like to work in baby photography. It’s nothing but adorable babies, sweet outfits and working with families that are over the moon about their latest  Newborn Baby SmilingPINIMAGEadditions–right?

Working as a Toronto newborn photographer for the last six years, I’ve seen my fair share of adorable babies and had the opportunity to work with many wonderful families, that’s for sure. But, the truth is, running my business and working in this industry has required me to invest more time and energy than I’ve given to any other job or project in my life. The business behind baby photography is a lot less glamorous than the pictures I take, but the behind the scenes work I do every day and every week is just as important to the survival of my business as are the beautiful images in my portfolio.

Last week, I talked a bit about what I think differentiates a professional photographer from someone who takes pictures in their spar Baby with fingers crossedPINIMAGEe time and who may own an expensive camera. Everywhere you look, it seems, there’s another Toronto newborn photographer advertising their services. It’s because of this that I hope to shed a little light on the business side of newborn photography, so that we might foster a better understanding of what a professional photographer has to do to continue taking pictures of all those beautiful little babies.

A Toronto Newborn Photographer Who Only Works ‘in’ their Business, Won’t be in Business for Long

Like I said, there really isn’t a day that goes by when I’m not working on something that will ensure I continue to have new baby photography clients. I think any professional artist would concur that survival depends on you being highly dedicated to the never-ending job that is the business behind your craft.

For artists, like myself, hustling-up new business by marketing on and off the web and networking with other photographers and people from various groups and community organization Oliver | Toronto Newborn PhotographerPINIMAGEs may not be a strong-suit, but it’s something that’s got to be done well and regularly.

In addition to all the interacting via social media, working on new promotions, improving my website, and building new ties in the community to market myself as a baby photography brand, I spend many hours editing photos, packaging portraits for baby photography clients, running to the post office to mail these portrait packages, learning new software and shopping for the equipment, props and supplies that my business requires.

Of course, there’s also the even less glamorous tasks, like managing the financial side of things through bookkeeping and receipt organizing, as well as cleaning my studio.

Continuous Learning is Required to Produce Quality Baby Photography

Just like healthcare practitioners and teachers who take courses to improve the knowledge and skills that their jobs require, any Toronto newborn photographer who’s committed to staying in business takes every opportunity to add value for their clients through further training. In fact, I also diversify my business by providing workshops and training to other  Cute Baby J Newborn PicturePINIMAGEphotographers who are looking to further develop their skills.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love being a Toronto newborn photographer. If I didn’t, I would have thrown in the towel a long time ago for a job that didn’t require me to invest so much of myself. But this is my passion. I love baby photography and the fact that I’m able to provide families with portraits that artistically capture all the precious little details of their new sons and/or daughters.

I may not enjoy doing all the marketing and bookkeeping as much as I do peering through the lens of my camera, photographing babies and their families, but I know that this is part and parcel of being a professional photographer, and to continue doing what I love, I’m willing to do the leg work.

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This is beautiful baby Sklyar who was just 9 days new when I photographed her.
She was a few days overdue but still little when she arrived and super sleepy for her first photo session.

Newborn Photography and The Best Time for Your Session

The best time for newborn portraits is when babies are 10 days of age or younger with the optimal time between day 5 and day 8.
After 10 days, babies are less likely to pose for newborn portraits as they are too alert and awake and have also started to stretch out losing their womb like curliness.
Since working as a professional newborn photographer full-time for 7 years and photographing over 700 newborn babies, I have come to know when the best time for posing newborns is.
Whether your baby arrives early or is overdue, there are some standard rules I usually apply to determine when the best time for your session is.  That being said, it always depends on how mom’s feeling too.  I provide some suggestions, for instance, if baby is born 5 days overdue, I add 5 days to the number of days old baby is.    In Baby’s Skylar’s case, she was 9 days old when I photographed her but a few days overdue.  This usually means baby will be a bit more alert and awake for their session.

Your  Toronto Newborn Photographer Keeps Baby’s Comfort First

The studio is kept nice and warm and babies are given nursing and feeding breaks throughout the session whenever needed.
Moms have access to vinyl nursing pillows to assist with feedings throughout their newborn picture session.  Blankets are available to lift babies head for nursing and if mom feels comfortable, I can help her get ready for feedings and use a cold wash cloth to help baby stay awake and feed a bit longer.

Ensuring that baby is well fed before your newborn photography sessions provides the best results for posing.  A baby that is well fed is more likely to fall into a deep sleep and pose for pictures beautifully.
Sessions last approximately 3 to 5 hours or longer depending on baby’s needs.  You will never see me looking at the clock during a session.  I go through transitional posing starting with the easiest poses first and working my way through the more difficult set-ups.  Baby needs time to get used to me and after an hour or so, they become conditioned to being repositioned for the various poses.
Sessions are never rushed.

Skylar was a tiny little peanut at just 5 pounds 8 ounces when I photographed her.
She didn’t fuzz at all throughout her session.  She even gave me multiple smiles that I was able to capture on camera.  I’m pretty fast with my shutter, so if your baby smiles throughout your session I’ll most likely be fast enough to catch one of their very first grins.

Her dad watched most of the session while her mom rested in the lounge area and had a nap during the session.
Two of my favourite things in this world are (1) holding my own daughter and spending time with her and (2) being behind my camera spending time with wonderful families capturing memories for them.
To learn more about sessions with Chandra Lee Photography, you can contact me at 905.449.2200 or email me using the inquire tab above.
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