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    Newborn Photographer, Chandra Lee is an International Multi-Award Winning Portrait Photographer specializing in Maternity, Newborn, Baby and Child Photography in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. Her unique style allows Chandra Lee to create flawless portraits that are cherished by families for a lifetime. Newborn photography sessions are never rushed, giving each client the time and attention they deserve. Babies are given all the time they need for feeding and changing and Chandra Lee is a specialist in soothing and caring for your newborn. She has been a full time newborn photographer for seven years and photographed 700+ newborns. The studio is fully equipped with the hats, headbands, wraps, props, fabric backgrounds and flooring that you see in the galleries. The babies displayed here are 10 days old or younger. The best time to photograph your little one is between day 5 and day 8.

    Contact Chandra Lee

    If you’re looking for professional infant photographers, Chandra Lee can be reached by telephone at 905.449.2200 or by e-mail at Maternity and newborn photography sessions make a wonderful baby shower gift.+

It’s not every day that you will be pregnant or will give birth.

These are special moments in your life that need to be captured for historical documentation and for long-lasting memories. These are once-in-a-lifetime-experiences that only deserve to be captured by the lens of the camera.

This is why Newborn photography is a new and emerging trend and for good reason.

Hire A Newborn Photographer to Tell Your Story of Pregnancy and Birth

More and more mothers these days are valuing the importance of hiring a newborn photographer as the lens tells the story of pregnancy and birth in an artistic way that coincides eloquently with each personality, while capturing the excitement and dynamics experienced by women who are pregnant or who have just had a newborn arrive into our world.

Obviously a woman’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy. Capturing images of your pregnancy can be done in so many ways. One example is fashion – your new clothes reflect your changing body and the child inside your womb. Photo shoots will make you feel relaxed and bring out your true inner greatness of you having a child that soon will enter your life and the world. Even better, your partner should also be included in the photo shoot. The two of you together in the appropriate fashions that match your moods, feelings or the season, is ideal for lasting memories.

Let The Lens Tell A Story When Your Baby is Born

When your baby is born the lens only has more stories to tell. There are so many ways to capture your child in new clothing indoors with props – and outdoors too. This is where you can get really creative and work with a newborn photographer to capture the right moments that solidify feelings of happiness and love – all meshed into one. Seasonal outdoor shoots are also great with your child and you and your partner as well.

Newborn photography is simply the best way to freeze these historical and unique moments in time.

These are rare experiences; they are stories within stories that only deserve to be captured by the lens of a camera.

Your experience is history in the making – your story, forever.

You can find out more information about our studio, products and services by calling 905.449.2200.

We are always happy to arrange an in-person consultation prior to booking.  This gives you an opportunity to meet with Chandra Lee and view the studio and all the props and accessories available for your use during your session.

Over 25 maternity wraps and gowns are available for you to  use during pregnancy portrait sessions.

Chandra Lee is a professional, full-time photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, child and family portraits.  She has worked in this capacity for 7 years photographing over 700 newborn babies.

In addition, Chandra Lee holds 3 professional accreditations with the Professional Photographers of Canada including (1) Child and Infant Portraits (2) Maternity Portraiture and (3) Newborn Portraiture.

Ensure your photography experience is positive by asking questions and finding the photographer who is right for you.

Baby and Daddy PicturePINIMAGE

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Life is so precious, and a newborn entering the world marks a new beginning and ever-lasting love. This is why you need a newborn photographer in order to capture their special moments forever. Nowadays, more and more married couples are realizing the importance of newborn photography as it’s a unique way to capture the early stages of their child’s life.

So, your child has just been born and sure it’s one thing to capture images on your smartphone and share on social media with family and friends, but you also want to cherish the moments forever in the right manner. This is where a newborn photographer steps in and ensures your baby’s smile and new-life-gestures of sorts are captured through the lens of a camera.

Looking for a Newborn Photographer and Unsure Where to Begin?

While many couples want a newborn photographer, many are unsure of where to begin. Looking after your newborn is a life changing experience on many levels, while juggling other routines with work and a variety of activities. Sure, hiring a photographer may seem overwhelming or a daunting task, but it’s all quite simple.

First thing first is to pick a theme you want for your newborn and plan it all out. Do you want to capture your baby outdoors with matching clothing? Or, do you want indoor shots that are creative in colour or black and whites? Perhaps you might also want unique, one-of-a-kind shots that are creative – artistic in every sense that further articulate your initial theme? There are so many creative avenues in capturing portraits of your newborn, so keep an open mind and if you are not feeling so creative, follow the artistic tips and themes from the photographer you hired.

In getting started, it is important to sit down with a professional newborn photographer who will introduce new ideas and ways of eloquently capturing the right images for your memory album. Having a child is a one-time unique experience and hiring a professional newborn photographer who will help you plan is important. Photography is art and it captures the everlasting importance of a newborn that just entered the world is a fun and amazing experience.

Planning Your Portrait Shoot

In planning your portrait shoot with your newborn photographer take the time to go over clothing ideas, locations and props that will accent the moment you want. Also, never be afraid to express your ideas to your photographer – convey how you are feeling; what you are thinking; and what it means to now be a parent. Be open and honest and also get engaged from the ideas the photographer you hired has for the shoot. And, in planning your shoot, recognize what’s important to you and your partner that truly defines your newborn’s entry into the world, and also consider what it will be like to look at the images years from now.

Newborn photography is a new trend and so many parents are now turning to newborn photographers to capture the moment of life in a unique and artistic way.

The lens of the camera and the scene defines life, happiness and love – forever and ever.

Call us today at 905-449-2200 to find out more about our products and services.

Newborn Photography and Planning Your Portrait ShootPINIMAGE

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Many of us would like beautiful images of our newborns but find the cost of professional photography to be too much. We’d like to honour one complimentary mini newborn session to one of you!

Anyone who is expecting a new baby on or after January 1, 2015 can enter.

Simply follow the steps below before Friday, October 10th at 10:00 p.m. and we will choose one entrant to win a newborn session.

All you need to do is:

Visit us on Facebook at: AND

1) post an image on the newborn session giveaway post of your ultrasound picture of your baby (personal information may be removed)

2) provide your expected due date

3) link any page or image from Chandra Lee Photography to any social media page (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.)

4) share the newborn session giveaway post on Facebook

Newborn session includes a two hour session for your new baby with 10 images provided by digital download.

If you know anyone expecting a baby on or after January 1, 2015, please share this post with them.

Good luck! | 905.449.2200

win a newborn sessionPINIMAGE

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For the last nearly 7 years I have had the absolute pleasure of living my dream and working as a professional photographer. Not only did I discover my love for photography, I also found a niche for photographing these beautiful little babies.

They say that life leaves clues and throughout my life I always found myself drawn to art. Even as a very young child as young as 5 years of age I can remember wowing my kindergarten teacher with 3-D snowflakes hand cut by me with child safe scissors. I remember my Grade 1 teacher from Gledhill Public School on the Danforth near the Beaches in Toronto. Her reaction to the snowflakes made me happy as she ran down the hallway to show my work to a fellow teacher.

As I grew older , I held on to my love for various forms of art whether it was painting or drawing. In grade 8 I was nominated by my teacher to be one out of only two students from the entire school to attend a National Art Camp for the entire summer where I could receive an opportunity to enhance my gift as an artist.

I was thrilled to be randomly selected. It was an unexpected surprise. As a young child I was very shy and I chose not to attend the art camp. Looking back, I regret that decision.

When it came time to attend college, I wanted to attend St. Lawrence college for photography. The cost of the tuition and photography equipment were just so high with the added difficulty of finding a job that paid well after graduation.

I opted for something more secure and attended Humber College for legal administration. After graduating on the Dean’s List, I attended night school to receive my Law Clerk certificate.

Working two jobs, one full time as a legal assistant Monday through Friday and one part-time as an Internet Tech Support Rep in the evenings and on weekends, I also found the time to attend night school. Within two years, I landed my first job as a law clerk with a large national law firm.

I went on to work in the legal administration field for 10 years. I worked very hard but rarely felt any satisfaction from the work that I did. I tried litigation then corporate then wills & estates and bored easily.

When my daughter was born in 2008 I started to learn how to use the camera in manual mode. I took 30 photography classes in a 6 month time frame and never returned to my work in the legal administration field when my maternity leave ended.

I sold my home in Belleville and moved closer to Toronto where I would have a larger target market for my love of newborn photography. I reserved $20,000 from the sale of my home and used those funds for my business start-up.

The cost of photography equipment and proper training is so expensive that those funds quickly disappeared.

7 years and 700 newborn babies later I’m still here and so grateful to be doing what I love. I love photographing each baby who visits my studio and look forward to a lifetime of doing what I love. Every day yields a feeling of great reward.

Baby Emma visited me recently for a session and I love the soft mohair wrap she’s wearing here as well as this sweet simple set-up.

Baby Picture of Emma in Soft Mohair WrapPINIMAGE

Sometimes my clients bring personal items with them and Emma’s mom brought this adorable owl outfit with her. I had fun posing Emma in the outfit. She was just so curly at just a few days old.

Newborn Owl OutfitPINIMAGE

We used a neutral coloured blanket for Emma’s pictures and here is another I love from her session.

Natural Newborn ImagePINIMAGE

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Fall Family Photos Chandra Lee PhotographyPINIMAGE

It’s the perfect time of year to update images of your loved ones with fall family photo session days at Chandra Lee Photography.

Fall is upon us and the leaves will soon be changing colour making a beautiful backdrop for portraits.

This time of year is my favourite for meeting families outdoors for picture sessions. We have fun playing peek-a-boo with the children, playing tag and throwing the colourful leaves up in the air.

Children love being outdoors. They are free to run around and be themselves acting naturally. I capture the best expressions of your children when chasing them around in the grass and just have fun.

Grandparents can be a great addition to a fall family photo session day. They are great assistants in getting the children to laugh and smile.

Bubbles come in handy too as children tend to tire quickly so I am quick to change things up to make the session exciting for your child.

Being a mom myself, I know how hard it can be to capture great images of your child and family.

During my family photo sessions, most parents are amazed at how well the children listen to me. That’s because I’m new to your little ones and they tend to listen to me better than they do to their own parents.

The foliage throughout the fall season is a beautiful time of year to update your family pictures.

There are a number of locations I love for outdoor sessions including parks with rows of trees, lane ways covered with colourful leaves, kissing bridges, walkways over marshes, cobblestone foyers, rock knee walks, beautiful landscapes and lovely architecture.

Even throughout the downtown city, there are secret hideaway locations I’ve found throughout my career as a photographer. This spring and summer I travelled all over the downtown core, finding interesting locations for photo sessions. I was amazed by the wonderful opportunities that abound throughout the city. You just turn a corner and you discover a giant door that makes for a picture out of Alice in Wonderland or a pretty park location hidden away in the middle of a busy Toronto area.

Depending on your preference, we can find a date and location that works best for your family.

Dates Available for Fall Family Photo Sessions

There are 4 dates available this year:

Sunday, October 12th in Downtown Toronto
Sunday, October 19th in Durham Region
Saturday, October 25th in Durham Region
Sunday, October 26th in Durham Region

The exact locations will be announced closer to the dates and will be dependant on weather conditions.

These will be the only dates available this year for family pictures. Spots are limited so be sure to reserve your date and time soon.

Affordable packages range in price from $199 for up to two children including 10 digital images or $299 for up to two adults and two children, 20-25 digital images and a set of 5×7 custom designed holiday cards.

We would love to update your family photos with a fall photo session day. If you would like to book a session or receive more information, please call us today at 905.449.2200.

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