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On Saturday, December 13, 2014 I met 12 families and 14 children who attended the studio of Chandra Lee Photography for a modelling workshop day.

In the fall of 2014, I decided it was time to give the child portfolio a facelift.

As a professional photographer, it is important to me to provide updated samples of my work to showcase on my web site.  This helps me as a photographer to find clients who like my style of photography and brings new business to the studio.

The images in this portfolio were captured in one day from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Little Nora was our first model of the day who showed up bright and early with her mom.  Her mom had fun sifting through all of the princess dresses to select an outfit for her little girl to wear for pictures.  Nora had the cutest candid expressions and was an absolute joy to photograph.  Nora had just begun clasping her hands together and it was fun to capture that on camera.

6 month old Lucas was next with his mommy.  He was so serious and just stared at us as if he was wondering who these strange people were who were acting silly and squeaking duckies and making funny sounds in an attempt to get him to smile.  His mom even tried too and the only thing to make him laugh and giggle was a set of keys dangling above him.  In a quick moment, Lucas hid his little face on the photography mat and I captured the moment quickly.  Although a candid moment, I loved it and display it here in the child gallery.  We did capture a great smiling picture of Lucas.  He did warm up to the camera and he just needed a bit more time to feel comfortable in his new surrounding.  One of my favored pictures from the day was of a classic black and white portrait of Lucas on a faux wooden floor with a new license plate background just perfect for boys.

Kyra was our third model.  I have been honoured to get to know Kyra and her family over the years.  They first came to see me for newborn pictures when Kyra was just 8 days new.  I then had the pleasure of photographing their family a second time when Krya was just turning one.  Our second session took place at a park that I love in Durham Region.  Krya loves to go shopping with her mom and her mom loves to buy her all things girly and they came to the studio with a beautiful selection of dresses.  We used a background that would compliment the dresses they chose to wear.  It was so nice to see this family again and I can’t believe how quickly Krya is growing up.

Xander and Hugh were photographed next.  They are brothers aged 3 and 5 and the cutest little boys.  When their mom submitted their picture to the modelling submission on Facebook I knew right away I wanted to photograph them to add to my portfolio.  I know their family drove for quite some time to come and see me and I appreciate that a lot.  Thank you for bringing your boys to see me.

Next up was baby Amy who just turned 6 months.  What a beautiful baby girl she was with the most incredible long eyelashes.  She sat so pretty at 6 months for pictures and had the most doll like features.  Many babies don’t enjoy tummy time at 6 months but Amy loved this and we snapped a perfect tummy time picture with Amy.  My favorite eyelash picture was taken of Amy and is displayed here in black and white.

Julianna was next in line and we captured a child portrait with a stencilling background in black and white.  Wearing a pretty pink petty skirt, Julianna smiled beautifully for the camera.

So many new princess dresses and outfits have arrived at the studio.  Although it was a modelling day, I also wished for the day to be fun for the moms and I let them select what they’d like their children to wear.  Maëlle was next up for pictures and her mom finally selected the new purple romper and bonnet set I was hoping to use this day.  Her daughter Maëlle looked so perfect sporting the new child romper and bonnet set and is another beloved portrait from the day.  We also had on hand fresh flowers and Maëlle had fun holding a flower during her session.

Up next came baby William just 6 months of age.  William was all smiles and such a bright and happy baby.  We got a HUGE smiling picture of William and a black and white portrait of William.

Baby Elise was photographed next.  At 11 months old, Elise was beyond excited to have her portraits taken.  She so easily smiled at just about anything.  When she was very excited, she would stretch her arms out as wide as she could and smile so brightly her eyes would almost close.

Jackson was our 10th model of the day, happy and picture perfect.  We captured an up close black and white portrait of Jackson smiling luminously.  It was nice to meet little Jackson who was just 7 months old.

Our second last model of the day was Michael.  It was a pleasure to meet Michael and his mom and dad who palpably love their son enormously.  Michael had the biggest cutest smile of the day.  There wasn’t a moment he wasn’t smiling.  A noble image of Michael wearing a newsboy cap his mamma brought to the session was taken.  Not only did Michael have the most impressive beaming smile, he also had fabulously dark curly hair on top his head.

Last but most definitely not least was Piper with adorable curly hair blonde in colour.  Portraits were taken of Piper holding Ecuadorian white roses.  I enjoyed photographing Piper with her beautiful blonde curly locks.  Her mom brought an Elsa dress that she loves so much so we let her dress up and have a princess Elsa portrait taken.

These modelling session days have been tremendously fun for me.  The next modelling session day is coming up this Saturday, February 21st at the studio with 5 models in attendance.

If you keep a look out on our Facebook page, you just might find another modelling session call coming up in the near future.

Thank you to all the parents who came to the studio on December 13th.  I enjoyed meeting each and every one of you and appreciate the time you took in traveling to see me and spending time with me that day to help produce a new child portfolio for my business.

If you would like to know more about child photography at Chandra Lee Photography,  please contact the studio at 905.449.2200 or by using the contact tab.  Thank you!












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