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    Newborn Photographer, Chandra Lee is an International Multi-Award Winning Portrait Photographer specializing in Maternity, Newborn, Baby and Child Photography in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. Her unique style allows Chandra Lee to create flawless portraits that are cherished by families for a lifetime. Newborn photography sessions are never rushed, giving each client the time and attention they deserve. Babies are given all the time they need for feeding and changing and Chandra Lee is a specialist in soothing and caring for your newborn. She has been a full time newborn photographer for seven years and photographed 700+ newborns. The studio is fully equipped with the hats, headbands, wraps, props, fabric backgrounds and flooring that you see in the galleries. The babies displayed here are 10 days old or younger. The best time to photograph your little one is between day 5 and day 8.

    Contact Chandra Lee

    If you’re looking for professional infant photographers, Chandra Lee can be reached by telephone at 905.449.2200 or by e-mail at Maternity and newborn photography sessions make a wonderful baby shower gift.+

As a special thank you for following us on Instagram, Chandra Lee Photography is giving away a FREE portrait session ($399 plus value) to one of our lucky Instagram followers!

The session will take place at one of our favourite locations in Toronto or the Durham Region or in the studio for newborn.

The photography session is for any one of the following:

Newborn (5 to 10 days – studio only)
Baby (6 months to 1 Year)

Photography session includes a 90 minute photography session and 10 digital images by digital download.


1. Follow @newbornphotographertoronto on INSTAGRAM;


2. Find the photo below in our Instagram feed and tag 3 friends.

BONUS ENTRY:  Repost this image to your Instagram account and mention @newbornphotographertoronto and hashtag #chandraleephotography and share why you would like to win a free photography session.

GIVEAWAY RULES:  The photography session will take place in Toronto or Durham Region or studio only for newborn before November 30, 2016.  Entries will close on Tuesday, May 31, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. EST.  The winner will be chosen randomly and announced on Instagram on Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. EST.  Prize must be claimed by Friday, June 3, 2016. Contest winner will be responsible for their own travel and related expenses to and from the photography location. If the contest winner cancels after a session date is selected, they will be required to pay a rescheduling fee.

Photography Session Giveaway Chandra Lee PhotographyPINIMAGE

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Here is a recent portrait taken at Chandra Lee Photography.  This baby girl was photographed at 10 days new.  Newborn photography takes place when your baby is between 5 and 10 days of age.  After 10 days, babies become too alert and awake to pose for newborn pictures.  Day 5  is always my favourite day to complete a newborn session.  This is when I find most babies to be so very sleepy and easy to work with.  This is when I can capture the most amount of poses and variety for your newborn portrait session.

Certainly, I understand that sometimes babies have a longer than anticipated stay at the hospital for jaundice or other health issues.  Or perhaps mom had an unexpected c-section and requires a little bit extra time to heal and recover.  That’s okay.

For moms who have had their babies and come home from the hospital right away, your session is always guaranteed to take place before baby is 10 days or younger.  The earlier you contact me after your baby arrives, we will try to offer you a day as close to day 5 to 8 as possible.

When your newborn session is booked, you are asked to call the studio or email us within 3 days of your baby arriving.  This ensures that we can book you in before that day 10.  Newborn photography has only a very small window of opportunity to capture these delicate poses when these precious bundles of joy are ‘newly’ born.

It is possible to photograph a newborn as early as day 4 but only if your milk has come in by day 3.  If you are bottle feeding, your session can take place as soon as you arrive home from the hospital.

For the month of April, we will be offering something new at Chandra Lee Photography.  Mini newborn sessions will be available from April 1st to April 30th.  After completing a handful of newborn modelling sessions, I realized I can capture beautiful newborn portraits in a shorter amount of time.  In order to offer these mini sessions, clients need to arrive on time for their newborn sessions as we have one to one and half hours to work with as compared to three to five hours during a full newborn session.

Mini newborn sessions are for baby only (no parent or sibling images).

Details for the mini newborn sessions can be found at Mini Newborn Sessions.

When your newborn session is booked and after your baby has arrived, you receive a newborn session preparation email.  The preparation email isn’t very long; however, it does include some very helpful tips for preparing for your newborn session.  One of the very helpful things you can do to ensure you have the very best session with as many beautiful set-ups as possible is feed your baby for as long as possible before leaving for your newborn session.  Whether your baby is being bottle fed or nursing, please try to feed your baby for as long as possible.  Part way through feeding, give baby a few minutes and then try to burp baby.  Then try to feed baby again.  If baby is sleepy, you can use a cold wash cloth to try to wake baby up.  The best place to put the wash cloth is under their armpit as babies seem to dislike this and will wake up from this.  Usually they will then latch again or drink a bit more bottle.

These are all things I usually assist you with when you arrive for your newborn session.  Usually it takes up to one hour to do this before I even have baby in my arms to start posing and photographing.  If this can be done before you arrive, I can start working sooner and capture more poses for you.

If baby is well fed before getting in your car to leave for your session, baby will very likely fall asleep during the car ride.  Babies like the motion of being in the car and will fall into a deep sleep.  This means when you arrive, we can start photographing right away.

One other helpful suggestion is to dress your baby in something very easy to undress baby.  A sleeper that zips up is a perfect choice.  No undershirt or onesie under the sleeper.  The less baby needs to be fussed with, the more chance baby will stay in a deep sleep and not wake up.

During a full newborn session, you are able to pick out your props and your colours for your session.

During a mini newborn session, your  props and fabric backgrounds will be chosen for you and prepared in advance.

Another very helpful tip and suggestion is to arrive on time for your newborn session.  Whether you’re having a mini newborn session or a full newborn session, you always have a better session if you arrive on time.

Here is a recent portrait from a newborn session.  This baby girl rocked her session at 10 days new.  If you would like to see more images from her session, please be sure to visit the Facebook Page at or the Instagram page @newbornphotographertoronto.

Beautiful Baby Girl in PinkPINIMAGE


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Spring is just around the corner and if you are expecting a little one, you may be thinking that an outdoor maternity session would be a perfect venue for your maternity portraits.


Having been a full-time professional photographer for over 8 years now, I’ve photographed many expectant moms in studio and outdoors.


For the past few months we’ve been having maternity sessions inside the studio where the mamas-to-be can stay warm. Although I love in-studio pregnancy portraits, I always look forward to spring and booking outdoor maternity portrait sessions. There are so many gorgeous backdrops in the GTA and surrounding area and I am happy to travel and come to a location near you for your outdoor maternity portraits.


Maternity PortraitPINIMAGE


The Cherry Blossom Festival will be taking place soon. It is expected that the blooms will arrive early this year as we had a mild winter with plenty of precipitation.


Downtown Toronto has many beautiful locations. Some require permits to visit and others are upon to the public.


Whether you’re planning on hiring a professional maternity photographer or taking your own portraits, it’s usually best to head out first thing in the morning (just before or right at sunrise). This is the ideal time for outdoor pregnancy pictures when the light is especially soft. You can capture silhouette images against the sun rising and the light is very soft first thing in the morning when the sun is low to the ground.


Usually, I have an assistant attend with me for outdoor maternity portraits. My assistant helps me to carry all my gear so I can focus my attention on capturing stunning portraits. We have over 25 maternity gowns available for maternity sessions at Chandra Lee Photography. Moms are always asked which colors they would love to wear for their session and 7 or 8 gowns are brought to your outdoor session to choose from.


The gowns flatter your pregnant figure and add a beautiful touch to your portraits. I always find that my clients love the choice of the custom gowns over their own wardrobe.


Cherry Blossom Maternity PicturePINIMAGE


Having your hair and makeup done for your session is always recommended. Some expectant moms choose to do their own hair and makeup and others decide to make an appointments at a salon prior to attending their session.


While it may be a bit harder to change outside for a maternity session than in-studio, a pop up changing station makes it easier and provides for privacy where a public washroom may not be available.


In addition to bringing all of the photography gear, pop up change station and a selection of gowns, portable reflectors are also brought to your session to use to reflect the light in a flattering way or diffuse the sun above you if the sun has risen quickly and we want to soften the light.


External flash units are used to create a beautiful fill light and catch lights in the eyes of our subjects.


If you enjoy a backdrop with stunning architecture, a floral garden, a blossoming park of cherry blossoms, a beautiful field with long grass or perhaps even an estate winery, we have the perfect place in mind!


Your partner is always welcome and encouraged to attend your session. If you’re expecting baby number 2 or 3, all members of the family are welcome to join your session.


Just as the first hour of sun rising is an ideal time for pregnancy pictures, just before sunset can be equally as beautiful. Depending upon the location chosen and the location of the sun, it may even be possible to capture a silhouette image of the sun setting behind you.


Wear comfortable walking shoes to your session. We often walk a bit throughout the parks and having comfortable walking shoes to wear is a must. If you want to wear high heels for your portraits, you can bring them with you in a carry on.


Prior to your session, you receive a maternity session preparation guide that sets out the time, date and location for your session. Also included is a Google map link to help assist you in finding the location and some other helpful suggestions.


Wearing a strapless bra to your session is always recommended. This helps to create more shape and is most flattering for maternity portraits. We then don’t need to worry about tugging in the straps of your bra into the gown. It’s also recommended to bring undergarments in at least two shades of black and nude or white. If you’re wearing a black gown, you probably don’t want to be wearing white undergarments or black undergarments with a white gown.

Maternity Portrait at the BeachPINIMAGE

Some parks are very busy near sunset and it’s best to arrive early to find parking. We’ll let you know if a particular location you’ve chosen is especially busy. Sunrise is always the best time for downtown Toronto maternity photography when only early morning joggers, dog walkers and a few early risers are out and about.


If you’ve been thinking about having professional maternity portraits taken, it is best to contact the studio soon. Weekend dates are limited and fill up quickly. Weekends are when we travel into downtown Toronto and the surrounding area for outdoor portraits in the spring and summer months. Only 2 sessions can be booked per day either at sunrise or just prior to sunset.


If you’re located in the Durham Region (Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Bowmanville, etc.), evening sessions can take place at an outdoor location near you just prior to sunset.


The cherry blossom season if fast approaching and is always a favorite location for pregnancy portraits. The blooms only last for 5 days. We keep an eye out on the bloom predication watch each year to give you some idea of when the blooms will blossom. For this reason, it’s best to keep an open schedule around the time of the cherry blossom season if you wish to have the blooms in your pictures.


Contact the studio today to schedule your maternity portrait session and to find out more information. You can reach us at 905.449.2200 and we look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Elvisa - Hi,

    I am 31 week right now and I would love to be your maternity model.
    And our baby boy is due April 4th, if you need baby models at that time we would love you to be your models.

  • Elaine Heikura - Interested in the maternity shoot.

    Thank you!

  • Andrea McGuire - I would like to be a model for maternity or newborn photography


  • Jennifer Burley - Currently 30 weeks pregnant
    Baby due April 16 2016

  • Dawn Whitney-Shea - Currently 36 weeks pregnant. Due march 3rd with a baby girl

  • Lillian Shea - 15 year old female. Commented with mom’s email

  • Blair - I have a 3 month old and almost 3 year boys.

  • Synthia MacEachern - I have a beautiful blonde hair, bkue eyed 10 year old girl & a gorgeous golden blonde long wavy haired 2 year old boy who i would love to have model for you.


  • Behnaz - I have a 4.5 month baby girl and I am interested in newborn modeling.

  • Alli - I’m 3 months pregnant. Due in August. I have a 10 yr old girl 4 yr old boy 3 yr old girl 15 month old girl that would all be interested as well.

  • Crystal MacDonald - I have a 3 week old baby girl as well as 2 boys age 9 and 11

  • kate - Our fun loving 3 year old boy is available!

  • admin - Thank you Elvisa. You are welcome to fill out the application form above and should a space become available I will be sure to contact you. Thank you again for messaging me!

  • admin - Thank you for your message Elaine. Please complete the application form above and should a space become available I will contact you for a maternity modelling session. Thank you!

  • admin - Thank you for messaging me Andrea. I’ll be selecting models from the modelling application submissions. You’re welcome to fill out the form and I’ll contact you should an opening become available. Thank you!

  • admin - Thank you for your message Jennifer. When you have a moment, please fill out the modelling application form. I’ll be selecting models from there and will contact you should a space become available. Thank you!

  • admin - Hi Dawn, thank you for completing the modelling application form. I have received your form and I may have a space for your baby around the time of your due date depending on when your baby arrives. I will email you today with more details. Thank you again! Chandra

  • admin - Thank you Lillian. Please have your mom complete a modelling application form and I’ll be sure to contact her should a space become available. Thank you!

  • admin - Hi Blair, you are welcome to fill out the modelling application form and I’ll contact you should a space become available in the future. Thank you!

  • admin - Hi Synthia, you are welcome to fill out the modelling application form. I’ll be selecting models from the forms submitted. Thank you!

  • admin - Hi Behnaz, thank you for your message. The newborns I photograph are 10 days of age and younger (preferably between day 5 and day 8). You are welcome to fill out the modelling application form. There may be opportunities for child modelling sessions in the future and I’ll be selecting models from the forms submitted. Thank you!

  • admin - Hi Alli, thank you very much for your message. Please take a few moments to complete the modelling application form. Models will be selected from the forms submitted. Thank you!

  • admin - Thank you for messaging me Crystal. Please fill out the modelling application form when you have a moment. Models will be selected from the forms submitted. Thank you!

  • admin - Hi Kate, thank you for messaging me. You are welcome to fill out the modelling application form above. All models will be selected from the forms submitted. Thank you!

  • Julie - Hi there … can’t seem to access the modeling form.

  • admin - Hi Julie, thank you for your message. Here is the direct link to the modelling form. Thank you.

  • Huma Bilal - Hi there I have 9 months old chubby boy and 3 years old girl.

  • Nicole Shave - Hello, I have 2 mixed daughters. Oldest is 4.5 years with a long curly afro and deep brown eyes. Youngest is 10.5 months with light wavy hair and blue/green eyes. Thanks :) they would love to be models.

  • admin - Thank you for your message Huma. I’ll be selecting models from the modelling application forms submitted above. You are welcome to fill out a form if you would like to enter your children. Thank you.

  • admin - Thank you Nicole. Your children sound beautiful. You are welcome to enter your children by completing the modelling application form above. I’ll be selecting all models from the forms entered. Thank you!

  • Amanda Kirby - I am 39.5 weeks pregnant I am interested in the newborn modeling. I also have a 8 year old daughter that I would be interested in for the children’s modeling.

  • Misty Maguire - Hello I am interested for my granddaughter whom I have custody of. She is 17m old. A beautiful ginger with blue eyes. Very rare and she’s very photogenic. I wish I could attach her picture. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Roxanne - I have a 9 month old and 2.5 year old would love to have them work for you!

  • Lindsay Gilmour - Hello I have a 10 day old beautiful baby girl, I am interested in submitting for the newborn modelling. We have open availability thank you for your consideration. Regards Lindsay

  • Ashleigh - Hello!
    I have filled out the application form! Looking forward to hearing from you!! Thank you!

  • Sylwia - Hi I just had a baby girl on Feb 4 and would be interested in the newborn model call. Thank you

  • Chantel - Interested in the martinity shoot.

  • Chantel - Interested in the martinity shoot. Can’t seem to access the form needed to be filled out.

  • Neveen Khouzam - Hi Chandra, my daughter is of Egyptian- Jamaican decent, she’s going to be 4mths as of Feb 12. She has a beautiful smile, Brown curly hair, light brown eyes and she can hold up her head quite steadily while on her tummy.
    Her skin tone looks like she’s got a tan but not too dark.

  • Hetal - How do we go about getting on this? Iur daughter is 10 days old and wpuld love to get some newborn shots..especially capturing the innocence and new life expressions.

  • Lynn - Currently 36 weeks. Also have 4 year old son. Would love to fill out an application forms for you.

  • Loana - Hi a have a set of triplet girls 9 yrs old and I also have a 4 yrs old boy…would you be interested in those ages too? Thanks

  • Miranda - I am 28 weeks pregnant and my wife and I are expecting our first child May 6th. I’m not sure about maternity, but I’d be interested in newborn work. As a photographer myself, newborns are one thing I don’t do and I have huge respect for the patience and times it takes!

  • Miranda - I am interested! My wife and I are expecting our first child May 6th :)

  • admin - Thank you for your message Amanda. You are welcome to fill out the modelling application form. I’ll be selecting models from the submissions made there. Thank you!

  • admin - Thank you for your message Misty!

  • admin - Thank you Roxanne. I’ll be selecting models from the modelling application forms submitted on the web site. You are welcome to fill one out. Thank you!

  • admin - Thank you very much for your message Lindsay. You are welcome to fill out a modelling application form. I’ll be selecting models from the submissions made there. Thank you!

  • admin - Thank you Ashleigh. I have received your application. Love your daughter’s name :)

  • admin - I received your modelling application form and have sent you a message Sylwia, thank you!

  • admin - Thank you for your message Chantel. You are welcome to fill out a modelling application form. I’ll be selecting models from the submissions made there. Thank you!

  • admin - Hi Chantel, here is the direct link for the modelling application form. Thank you!

  • admin - Thank you for your message Neveen. Your daughter is adorable and I would love to include her in my portfolio. Please let me know when she is sitting up unassisted but not yet crawling and quote #83 and we will set up a modelling session. Thank you.

  • admin - Thank you for your message Hetal. You are welcome to fill out the modelling application form above. I’ll be selecting all models from there. Thank you!

  • admin - Thank you for your message Lynn. I look forward to receiving your application. Many thanks, Chandra

  • admin - Hi Loana, thank you very much for your message. I’ll be selecting child models on an ongoing basis. You are welcome to fill out a modelling application form. I’ll be selecting models from there. Thank you!

  • admin - Thank you for your message Miranda. It sure does take time and patience :) I love my job very much and photographing the newborns. You are welcome to fill out a modelling application form. I’ll be selecting the models from there. There are lots of opportunities coming up for newborn modelling sessions.

  • admin - Hi Miranda, I’ll be selecting models from the application forms submitted at: You are welcome to complete one. Thank you.

  • Melissa - Hello, I have an almost 5 month old son and 6 yearl daughter.

  • Dawn Whitney-Shea - Awesome! Just letting you know I didn’t receive an email yet.

  • Maria Williams - Hello, my husband would be interested. We are expecting a baby girl May 6th.

  • admin - I have resent, thank you Dawn!

  • admin - Hi Melissa, thank you for your message. You are welcome to fill out a modelling application form. I’ll be selecting models from there. Thank you!

  • admin - Hi Maria, thank you for your message. You are welcome to fill out a modelling application form above. I’ll be selecting models from there. Thank you!

  • Kathlene - Very interested in the maternity photo shoot I have submitted my application I am currently 21 weeks and three days pregnant do first week of July 2016 .

  • admin - Thank you Kathlene! I have received your application and I actually would like to do a modelling maternity session this year in the Burlington area. I will contact you if I have a modelling session around the time of your due date. Thank you again!

Putting Baby’s Safety First for Any and All Toronto Baby Photography

As they await the arrival of their baby, parents often get excited about the prospect of baby photography. Toronto parents who see adorable images of babies online and in photographers’ portfolios start to imagine their own babes posed in cute outfits or nothing at all, alongside or even inside a selection of props.

Toronto baby photography is an amazing way to document something as monumental and special as the birth of a baby. Photos of newborns can also be easily customized to include objects that parents feel are a representation of their family, their hobbies and even occupations, making the collection of images just that much more meaningful.

I think I can speak for most photographers when I say that getting creative with different poses and props is one of my favourite parts of any newborn session. Sometimes, however, I come across images of newborns and older infants posed in ways and with props that are clearly dangerous, and it makes me fearful to think of all the new parents who don’t know what to look for in a newborn photographer.

As a professional photographer who has extensive training in the art and science of how to safely pose babies for pictures, I confess that it worries me to see how many untrained and inexperienced photographers there are out there, advertising their services for baby photography in Toronto. When the creative element becomes the focal point of a baby photography session, and not the wellbeing of the baby, the small and delicate subjects are put at risk.


When it Comes to Baby Photography, Toronto Parents Should Choose Wisely

There are many reasons you should choose a professional photographer to take your child’s portraits. Doing so will not only give you a better chance of receiving high-quality images, but the more important reason is that someone who has been trained to pose babies safely will know how to achieve the creative images you’re looking for without endangering your little one’s safety.

Having photographed more than 800 newborns in my career, thus far, I use my experience to teach other photographers how to analyze the poses and props their clients request and determine whether or not they’re conducive to capturing images safely. What’s more is that every baby is unique, and observing how alert they are, their size and other factors before agreeing to specific poses or props, is a good way to err on the side of caution.

While I show the photographers in my workshops how to use a variety of techniques and tools that will allow them to accommodate many of their clients’ requests, I also stress that you have to be willing to say ‘no’ when a pose or a prop can’t guarantee that baby will be safe at all times.

My advice to any parent shopping for a studio in which to do their Toronto baby photography is to look into the photographer’s training and credentials before hiring them.


Specialized Tools & Techniques Make Toronto Baby Photography Unique and Safe

We’ve all seen them; those heart-warming images of small babies posed on top of their fathers’ or mothers’ guitars and hockey skates, inside construction hardhats, football helmets and baseball gloves. For parents, an image of their baby alongside an object that in some way defines or represents them, is pretty magical. After all, this little person is a part of you and may, too, one day grow to love music or to follow in their parent’s footsteps by building houses. I’ve even had the pleasure of photographing the babies of a couple of professional athletes and so a session that didn’t incorporate the ‘tools’ of their professions, in this case a basketball and hockey equipment, just didn’t seem natural.

When you hire someone who has been properly trained to do baby photography in Toronto, there are many ways to safely achieve those beautiful, creative and unique images. In my studio, I regularly use composite images and spotters that will guarantee my subjects are never in danger while we capture the types of pictures that family and friends admire for years to come.

Composite Images: When it comes to baby photography, Toronto photographers, like myself, will often use composite images to produce photos of babies in poses or with props that would otherwise be impossible to take safely. With this technique, the photographer layers a few images together in Photoshop to create an image where the baby looks to be snuggled inside a helmet with their head propped on the side, for instance, totally unsupported. In reality, images are layered together to remove the hands of the spotter or other objects that would have supported baby throughout the taking of the photo.

Spotters: Having an extra pair of hands to support a newborn’s fragile little neck in a holding head pose, or to ensure a baby posed on top of a basketball, for instance, is never in danger of falling, allows the photographer and parents to get creative while maintaining that crucially high level of safety. When they visit my studio for baby photography, Toronto parents can expect that I will use my assistant as a spotter or that I will ask one of them (preferably Dad) to act as spotter for some poses.

The reason I say ‘preferably Dad’ is that babies have an incredible ability whereby they can smell and sense their mother, even if she’s standing on the other side of the room. Because of this, newborns can start to squirm or fuss in an attempt to get their mothers’ attention, and babies that are fussing or very alert are more challenging to pose safely.


A Positive and Rewarding Experience for Everyone Involved

Taking your newly born child for baby photography in Toronto is an exciting and fun way to celebrate their arrival. Photo sessions with newborns require extra time and care, but even with the breaks for feeding, changing and soothing, your baby photography session can and should be a worthwhile and memorable experience. Knowing that your special little baby is in the hands of a photographer who is aware of the types of poses and props that can be used safely to produce a beautiful collection of images will only make your experience that much more positive.

For more information on Toronto baby photography that prioritizes baby’s safety, call 905.449.2200.


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  • Zainab - Hi my baby boy is 4 weeks old (still fits in newborn clothes) and he can be a model. ?

  • Melanie Sebastian - Hello,

    I am 31 weeks pregnant with twins (boy and girl) and would love to have my children model for the newborn shoot.


  • admin - Hi Zainab. My newborn sessions take place when babies are 10 days old and younger when they’re still sleepy and curly. The newborn modelling sessions are taking place for babies that are 5 to 8 days of age. You are welcome to fill out the modelling application form for a child modelling session. Thank you!

  • admin - Hi Melanie, thank you for your message. You are welcome to fill out a modelling application form. I’ll be selecting models from there. I’ve received 3 application forms for twins and if I can find another photographer who is interesting in assisting, I may do a modelling session with twins to update my portfolio. Thank you!

  • Genevene MacLeod - I see your photographs everywhere and love your work, I would feel very blessed if my baby were chosen to be a model. I am due August 14, 2016.

  • admin - Thank you so much for your message Genevene. 2016 is going to be a busy year with lots of opportunities for modelling sessions at Chandra Lee Photography. Mentoring sessions and workshops are planned. As well, I’ve been updating my prop inventory and will need models to update my portfolio with new backdrops and newborn outfits. You are welcome to fill out the modelling application form located at: I’ll be selecting all models from there. Thank you and have a great day! Chandra

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